Welcome to My Raw & Living Foods Blog!


Hello, and many welcomes to my raw & living foods blog! I have a passion for raw veg*n foods (I’m not necessarily vegan, as I do enjoy a good raw local honey and I use various bee products).

I’m not a fan of cooking, but give me some greens, veggies, and fruits and I go crazy making elaborate, tasty raw dishes full of living foods. I’ve found through the years that for me personally, my body prefers mostly raw & living foods (when I do eat cooked foods, I try to make sure it’s a nourishing meal made of whole foods).

After quite a few years NOT eating a primarily raw foods diet, I grew tired of not eating the way that made me feel best, so I’m diving back into the food I’m passionate about. I want to show that with a little planning, raw veg*n meals can be affordable and accessible to nearly anyone! I’m not well-off financially at this moment, so I don’t get to splurge on treats and goodies. I do some foraging in my backyard to help supplement my meals, and I’m always looking for good deals on produce. This year I do hope to plant my own garden and harvest many of my own veggies as well!

I will be posting plenty of recipes for you to try! I realized I needed to start a blog when I started having too many scribbled-down notes to keep track of, and I love sharing what I’ve created with others (and I love seeing what changes others make to my recipes as well).

Please feel free to join me on my journey back into raw foods and beyond! ♥

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