Please Vote For My Cake!


I made my very first raw vegan cake this weekend as an entry for the KINDNESS CAKE BAKE-OFF hosted by the Born This Way Foundation!

Vote here:

You can vote once per day until midnight of the 19th! So if you really love my cake and want to support raw gourmet cuisine, please vote as much as you can!

♥Raw Vegan Vanilla-Coconut Cake with Vanilla-Rose Buttercream Frosting & Strawberries♥

This cake was not only my first raw vegan cake, but also my first time making any kind of frosting, and my first time decorating a cake! ♥


I created these recipes all JUST for this special cake competition – I’m the ONLY raw cake, and I think the only vegan cake as well!


The colorants are beet (pink) and spirulina (green). I’ll be posting the recipe here shortly!


Again, please vote here: and help support a great cause! Voting is open until the 19th!


Thank you!




    • Thank you so much! I did spend a LOT of time decorating it juuuust right. 🙂 The decorating took longer than making the cake!

      And the frosting is so yummy I’ve been using the extras as a fruit dip ♥


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